Odyssee Mobile

API User Guide

Please find here all major modification on the API.

18 December 2017
  •  FIX  Issue when uploading file using dbfile POST.

4 December 2017
  •  FIX  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on job_estimated_quantity.reference_back_office
  •  FIX  Issue when using multiple process (threads) on the same database

26 October 2017
  •  API  Added field km_distance,km_private,from_travel_type_code,from_db_table_name,from_id_in_table,to_db_table_name,to_id_in_table on entity car travel
  •  FIX  Company does not return address and country details
  •  FIX  User does not return private addredd details

19 September 2017
  •  API  Added field is_mileage_fee,is_travel_fee on entity article
  •  API  Added field driving_distance,travel_fee_fix_discount,date_last_invoiced,date_cancel on entity contract
  •  API  Added field modified_dateuc on entity sales_territory,user
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on db_info_data.db_info_field_id and target_id
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on article.code
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on country.code
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on db_address.code
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on user.code
  •  FIX  Do not log (api_log) http error 404 (not found) when api debug is not enabled (normal behaviour)
  •  FIX  Added check of uniqueness on job_estimated.reference_back_office

19 January 2017
  •  API  Added field user_id on entity car_travel
  •  FIX  Issue on project.equipment_model embedded entity (Post/Put)
  •  FIX  Remove mandatory property of user.private_email

29 August 2016
  •  API  Added entity equipment_model
  •  API  Added entity equipment_family
  •  API  Added entity user_timesheet
  •  API  Added entity car_travel
  •  API  Added entity user_week_approval
  •  API  Entity project, new property equipment_model_id,equipment_model_code,equipment_model
  •  API  Entity project, new property contact,contact_reference_back_office
  •  API  Entity contact, new property main_company
  •  API  Optimalization on GET when filtering (?$filter) on property reference_back_office
  •  FIX  Issue on ArticleStockLocation when linked_db_table_name was not filled (null)
  •  FIX  Issue on DbAddress,Get+GetAll only returned main address and instead of returning all 'not default' address
  •  FIX  Issue on DbAddress Get when filtering on modified_dateutc (Timezone issue)
  •  FIX  Issue on DbFile/GetFileContent/{id} if db_file.mime_type is empty
  •  FIX  Issue on DbFile/POST+PUT when using db_file.db_table_name
  •  FIX  Issue on DbInfoData POST when reference_back_office is filled
  •  FIX  Issue on DbReport Get when filtering on modified_dateutc (Timezone issue)
  •  FIX  Improvement on Task When task is linked to a jobs/project (to_db_table_id/to_id_in_table),automatically fill the task.company_id

16 March 2016
  • HELP New page "Pricing" on menu Advanced
  • HELP Reference pages show now the GET Controller(id) and PUT Controller(id) and not anymore GET Controller?key={key} or PUT Controller?key={key}
  •  API  Enable the Safety Guard system (Page Help is coming soon)
  •  API  Added entity article_stock_location
  •  API  Added entity article_stock_location_list
  •  API  Added entity car
  •  API  Entity jobs, on POST , will add all valid work_instruction/work_instruction_details inside job_work_instruction_list
  •  API  Entity job_part_usage , new property name
  •  FIX  Issue with Embedded entity Country when updating Company
  •  FIX  Issue when try to update company not created by the API
  •  FIX  Validation missing on entity Contact for properties main_company_id+db_language_id
  •  FIX  Return HTTP Status 401 (Unauthorized) if no Authorization is sent on the header

14 December 2015
  •  API  Entity company has now the feelist_id
  •  API  Added entity feelist
  •  API  Added entity feelist_price
  •  API  Auto-add job_planning if job_status is suggested and suggested_user+suggested_date_start are filled

1 December 2015
  • HELP New page "Change Log"
  • HELP New page Compression describe how this is working
  • HELP New page "Odyssee API Sample" with source code
  •  API  Added entity hour_type
  •  API  Added entity hour_type_group
  •  API  Handle new status Jobs.job_status_code "Canceled"
  •  API  Validation (uniqueness) of field code/reference_back_office on POST/PUT
  •  API  Compression (gzip/deflate) is now possible
  •  FIX  Issue HTTP Status 201 returned when PUT instead of 200
  •  FIX  Issue on DbInfoFieldProperty.GetAll: Controller didn't return any value

September 2015
  •  HELP  New page about Db Report
  •  API  Added entity db_notes
  •  API  Added entity db_report